Can't hate you

Wanna hate you
But still love you
It’s an inner battle going on
In which I win just to lose
My love for you always win
But hate comes when I remember,
the way I begged and you leave.
What you are to me, again melts me
And my self respect bent in front of me.
Again my love wins for you
Like the way it always do .

Light up

Though, her soul completely

crumbled into ashes,

Still she finds a way

to light up soul of others.

In Your Remembrance

Though you have forgotten me,

and might think the same for me

But still my thoughts cherishes you,

and take decision the way you do..

You are not here anymore

And I only remember myself like,

a slight touch of a wave to its sea shore

Every minute I think of you,

trying hard to become more of you

Yes, it’s not the love anymore

But the habit of yours, as a remembrance

I am taking it toward its deep core.

How’s the weather?

How’s the weather inside you ?

Its rainy from the past few days,

And cold blooded enough to bear every pain


Not even hoping for the sunshine, to warm all again

Because its time to stand-straight, in flood all awake.


Her love was pure,
And feelings are intense
She lost her self respect,
To prove this to its best.

She put herself down,
To stand with him
He thrown her out,
To be with another lassie

She lost her all,
And now nothing is left
The hope is also gone
And someday her breathe.


Was it that so easy to, remove someone from life?
Blocking from social media is a lit to this line.
If feelings are true,
Then blocking is a flu.
No matter what all it cost
But those feelings are still at the top of the heart.
Nothing we can do
When this is the only reason
To survive our way through.


There’s nothing left in her now

The beauty of her soul is gone now

The only thing that left within her,

Is the darkness that she’s accompaying

to hide her stabbed soul from all.

Fake-ness around

Guilty I found with a guilt all around
Fearless I found, with a fear of losing someone around ..
Smarter I found , with the dumbness deep down
Heartfelt I found, with a pieces of broken heart around
Culprit I found , with a witnessed not found
All I found is a fakeness around..

Forget oneself

Harder i try,

yet memories haven’t even fade

You treat me like no one,

but my heart have your special place

Your likes, my dislikes

have changed their places

Moving on this lovely track,

i forget myself like insane

Passing by these awful days

In a regret, how much I have changed.

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