Forget oneself

Harder i try,

yet memories haven’t even fade

You treat me like no one,

but my heart have your special place

Your likes, my dislikes

have changed their places

Moving on this lovely track,

i forget myself like insane

Passing by these awful days

In a regret, how much I have changed.



She gifted her heart to him,
With much of her love, care n support.
And in a return-gift
he gifted her with,
pain and tears,
to handle all alone.


Every silence is not the same ,

Sometime it echoes the soothing love

And sometime it’s the cause of pain.


You left me unspoken

Still i speak in my dreams with thou,

Things which can’t be true ever

These faded dreams makes me live through.

Wandering Mind

I am crying and crying hard too

not because its something that relates to you

Its something where my mind wanders through,

Its about the thing where i belong too.


I loved it all because it was only with you

despite knowing the fact

that i am not the only one and you had it with few.

I hated them knowing that

i too had become a part of your few

and still can promise, it was and will be-only for you.

It hurts..

Guilty I found with a guilt all around

Fearless I found with a fear of losing someone around

Smarter I found with the dumbness deep down

Heartfelt I found with a pieces of broken heart around

Culprit I found with a witnessed not found

All I found is a fakeness around.

Thankyou ….

Thanks to the one who never stayed

Thanks to them for showing us that words are only meant to be played

Thanks them for making a man judgemental everyday

A big thanks, who left us with not trusting anyone right away…

Marking dates

Each and every moment
Me and my thoughts
call u from heart ..

Cherished from inside , suited from outside
Marking dates on a calendar , counting stars every night .
Yess , after waiting for a long time
It’s time to greet u tonight …

Thousands of talks , hundreds of fight
N That’s the only way we meet every time
Every minute ,every second i keep my eyes roadside , but
The minutes turns to hour , and an hour to sleepless night …

The night goes on , and sun turns to shine
All it starts again , like our destinies are entwined.

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